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The Complete System Resource monitor and Task organizer is an all-in-one monitor and system controller, that will operate tasks that the admin specifies. The package is divided into multipule parts..

The Daemon (aka server) provides functionality, modules, tasks, and accepts client requests. The server also handles the www module. The daemon operates on 3 sets of modules: core modules, base modules, and extended modules. All core and base modules have hard-coded needs in the server, and must be used. The server also is distributed with an ever increasing variety of extended modules, which provide functionality and purpose for the server. Extended modules may also be distributed individually via SourceForge.

The Client (aka user interface) provides an easy-to-use user interface to the server, allowing the user to get stats, add/del/monitor tasks, and manage modules.

The WWW Client (aka pretty user interface) provides an even easier-to-use user interface via the web. This script, also in perl, uses the www module in the server to request groups of data, rather than cluttering the server with magnitudes of requests. The www client does not use a CGI script, rather, it uses the internal WWW server. Support for www server started in 1.1.0 stable release.

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